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Meeting patients’ expectations, for a more preventive, predictive and participative dentistry is more than challenging.

Dental professionals have been trained to provide a highly skilled curative based dentistry, leaving them unprepared for the integration of a new approach to patient care.

OralNext will provide all the necessary guidance, tools & connections for a successful integration in your daily practice!

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A paradigm shift in communication & patient empowerment
This will change everything!

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1 full day of OralNext knowledge & clinical step by steps. Take the lead on what is transforming dentistry. Events are free for OralNext Members.

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OralNext will provide his members with eye catching infographics that will unable an easy and fast communication with patients.

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OralNext search engine for patients

OralNext will strive to inform patients of the opportunity that represent a different approach of dentistry. Patients interested in this approach will easily find practitioners able to provide them the type of dentistry they are looking for, by simply searching for OralNext members near them.

available from June 2021


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