Who are OralNext Partners ?

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OralNext has built partnerships with companies sharing the same philosophy. Some of them are startups and some are well established. We are working hard in developing solutions for a more efficient form of oral care.

These partners are “approved partners” and OralNext offered them to use its seals to increase the visibility of the association.

So we are proud to count the following partners as active and enthusiastic supporters of our actions.

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You are a company operating in the medical or dental field and you think that your products or services can help us offering better solutions for patients ? Being an OralNext partner is free so let’s get in touch by hitting the button below !

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What does the OralNext APPROVED seal means ?

A product, tool or service can use the “OralNext approved’ seal when, after analysis by its scientific and clinical committee, the association considers it fits all 2 criteria:

  • Bring solutions in one or more of these areas:
    – Early or predictive diagnostic
    – Patient communication and empowerment
    – Preventive treatments and/or targeted therapies
  • Safety: no dangerous or doubtful ingredients for oral health products or compatibility with highest standard of sterilization

You think you have a product, technology or tool that can make dentistry a better place ?
OralNext will be happy to grant you with his Approved seal. It’s totally free so share with us your wonder !

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